27 not out

I made my 27th consecutive Christmas Eve ascent of Moel Famau earlier today, accompanied by four dogs, Irish Mick, and almost an entire soccer team provided by Carolyn (some of whom I had never met before). This wasn't so much a walk as an expedition.

Group shot on top of Moel Famau
A large number of people and dogs on top of Moel Famau earlier today.

As usual, it was very windy on top. So windy, in fact, that one of our team got blown away:

A teenager getting blown away this afternoon.

One particularly large gust even caught Carolyn off guard:

Carolyn cartwheeling
Carolyn caught off guard this afternoon.

As I've said before, you will stop me if this becomes boring, won't you?

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Richard Carter

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  1. What we want to see is Richard in the midst of a back-flip on top of a mountain - that's the way to avoid boring your audience!

    Happy New Year to all in Grutsland.

  2. PS - link to 26 goes to 2013 roundup rather than Christmas eve ascent.

    PPS apologies for the typo in the name last time.

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