Just who the hell do the people at GMail think they are, marking as spam an email sent to me entitled ‘An important message from the United Nations’?

This is outrageous. I am seriously considering writing to Ban Ki-moon. The only thing that prevents me is the realisation that the people at GMail would no doubt mark my email as spam. They've got us over a barrel, basically.

This is how wars get started.

Pemberton, eh?

Map showing Pemberton

Pemberton yesterday.

Google Maps seems to have discovered a brand new city: Pemberton!

If the font size on their map is anything to go by, Pemberton is of a similar size to Liverpool, Manchester and London, and dwarfs Nottingham, Leicester and Hull. Which is odd, because Pemberton appears to be at what we people who work in Liverpool refer to as the other end of the M58: the motorway which famously doesn't go anywhere. Apart from Wigan, that is. That's Wigan, where the pies come from; not Pemberton.

In fact, if you zoom in and in some more on the map, you discover that Pemberton seems to be a small offshoot of Wigan—which is a bit odd for a major city.

I wonder how much Pemberton village council paid Google to give their place so much prominence.