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Bush and Blair

Cards on the table time: I don't like President George W Bush. I don't like him at all. In fact, to be brutally honest, I think he's a dangerous, ill-intentioned buffoon, and any American considering voting for him later this year is an asshat.

But that's quite enough shrewd political commentary for the time being; what I want to talk about is President George W Bush's walk.

I have a very simple question:

Is it just my imagination, or has the most powerful man on the planet got a totally mincey walk?

Dictionary.com: mince
v. intr: To walk with very short steps or with exaggerated primness.

Just look at him the next time he's on telly: he moves like a bloody Thunderbirds puppet. He holds his arms slightly raised, and swings them totally out of synch with his legs—legs with which he takes ridiculously short (and, it has to be said, prim) steps. He looks completely stupid. It's embarrassing to watch.

In other words, not only can't George W talk the talk, he can't even walk the walk.

(I'm really not making this up, I promise. Just watch him.)

…Oh, yes, and while I'm at it, has anyone else noticed that the UK Chancellor of the Exchequer, Gordon Brown, always talks as if he's trying to prevent a Fox's Glacier Mint from popping out of his mouth?

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