Send in the clones

Oh my, this is embarrassing:

Last weekend, I was going through some files on my old computer, when I came across an image from that time I got my head stuck in my scanner. I'd forgotten all about it, and now that the traumatic event is well behind me, the image seemed pretty funny, so I decided to print a copy.

Just as I clicked the Print button, however, there was this freak flash of lightning outside the window and, well, I'm not quite sure what happened, but… How can I put it? Erm…

Have you ever seen that film Weird Science, where two testosterone-drenched teenagers use their computer to manufacture themselves the perfect woman? Well, let's just say that the plot wasn't anywhere near as fantastical as I had previously believed:

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I am those two testosterone-drenched teenagers, and I am Kelly LeBrock (and I had inadvertently set the Number of copies to unlucky 13).

Just look what happened!

Click for larger version

There's a Nobel Prize in this, mark my words.

Richard Carter

A fat, bearded chap with a Charles Darwin fixation.


  1. Tush - nothing if not svelte if you ask me. But how did you do this? Camera is on a tripod in the back garden, with enough of a time delay to dart up to the bedroom window. And the rest is Adobe Photoshop? Well done if so - I can't spot any mapping lines and I've spent a whole 30 seconds looking. And your Dad definitely isn't John Peel?

  2. Almost right, Leo: the tripod was in the front garden, there was no time delay involved, only a talented assistant, and I used Paintshop Pro, not Photoshop (do you think I'm made of money?).

    No, Peelie wasn't my dad; just my hero (although he was born in the same town as my mum: Heswall on the Wirral).

    Thanks for the svelte comment: I'm not surprised you couldn't spot any mapping lines.

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