1. Oh God, another dinosaur steps forward with the same old tired argument. When will you muppets realise that smoking kills (eg. both of of my parents).
    How can we enter the age of enlightenment if we have our heads firmly up our arses.
    Smokers I have spoken to at work say it works brilliantly in Eire where you have a choice between smoke free indoors & designated outdoor areas.
    Also, if all of those soldiers who survived the fight against the Nazis knew they would die prematurely anyway as a direct result of smoking, they would probably wonder if it was all worth it.
    But you carry on complaining...we all know what happened to the dinosaurs!

  2. Of course smoking kills: I would encourage anyone who smokes (I never have, by the way) to give up.

    My grandad fought the Nazis because he was told he had to, but I like to think he believed he was fighting them to preserve a more tolerant society. There are plenty of things I would love to ban, which is why it's a good job I'm not in charge of the country. I just think we have persecuted the smokers enough already. Aren't we supposed to be more tolerant of minorities these days? Leave the poor sods alone.

    Oh, and I'm fed up of people having a go at the dinosaurs too: the dinosaurs were a magnificent group of animals that ruled the world for hundreds of millions of years. In comparison, we've been around for the blink of an eye. The dinosaurs would still be ruling the planet now if it hadn't been for a stroke of incredibly bad luck.

  3. I'm with Nite Owl on this one, Richard.

    Smoking is a lifestyle choice, so I'm not sure you can lump it with ethnic and sexuality minorities, of which we should certainly show more tolerance. Moreover, smoking is addictive (so maybe I shouldn't use the word 'choice'), but has been aggressively advertised for decades, so there will be generations of cancer-sufferers for many years to come because the Government has not acted until now (except to gradually increase tax on tobacco products). If I was a conspiracy theorist I might propose that Gordon Brown knows that a ban is the right thing to do, but doesn't want to lose the income.

    I'd be happy to leave the poor sods alone, if Ken Clarke and his mates at BAT would do the same - but they need to replace their dying pool of customers. Actually, I think they have seen the writing on the wall and switched their recruiting campaign to Malaysia.

  4. I accept that I am in a minority when it comes to wanting to give the poor, persecuted smokers a break. I just wish people would be a little bit more reasonable. Smokers have (willingly or unwillingly) made huge concessions to non-smokers in recent years. I thought we had reached a sensible and reasonable compromise, but the health puritans (who would never be found dead in a pub in the first place) just won't leave them in peace.

  5. So I should tolerate your defence of smokers because you're a minority? Nice one.

    I agree that smokers have made many concessions over the last decade. I feel the government should continue to help them over their addiction by legislating. I'd go further and prosecute the companies who have knowingly manufactured and promoted the consumption of carcinogens. It's probably a good thing I'm not in charge either.

    Admit it, though - you're in denial because Jen without ciggies will be impossible to live with.

  6. Jen without ciggies is totally possible to live with. She hasn't smoked for many monthsmainly, it must be said, as a result of all my badgering. The air in the house is undoubtedly cleaner, but much of the ambience has gone.

  7. It's quite possible that some of Philip Morris' ancestors were around in the time of dino & his chums, hence their extinction. Anyway, if they weren't, they're having a bloody good go at it now!
    Top marks, Leo: a man among dinosaurs!

  8. I don't think we will ever see an alcohol ban brought in.
    But a real (warm) ale embargo might go down well among the serious drinkers!
    See "VIZ" feb 2006 (The Real Ale Twats!)
    ...as they used to say in the Royal Mail ads:
    I saw this & thought of you!

  9. Congratulations to Jen. I'm sure you could replace the ambience with more of your Rolling Stone farts.

    Real Ale embargo, Mick (Murphy, not Jagger)? I'm not having any of that - and in fact will be frequenting the Baroque in Leeds City Centre tonight for a pint or three of flat, dark and yeasty, room temperature brews. They are currently serving Golden Pippin from Skipton's Copper Dragon Brewery. Nice.

  10. Our local (Ringwood) brewery produces a creosote brown liquid called 'yard arm'. You take your own lead lined container to the offy & they carefully fill it for you. Local decorators use it to strip the varnish off parquet floors. Now, as a real drinker (premium German weissbier) I was tempted by this nutty brew (for want of a better word) & bought 4 pints of said refreshment. After the 2nd pint, things started to move: firstly the room, followed shortly by my stomach. Needless to say, I used the remainder to waterproof the shed roof.
    The moral is: don't be impressed by clever names & the promise of a cask conditioned beer, because all the dregs the licencee can get out before returning the cask, goes straight into the next opened cask. I should know, I worked for Wh**bread for several years & have seen it done on numerous occasions. (it's just that in the old days they called it MILD!)

  11. I've drunk Copper Dragon Brewery produce in Skipton once or twice. Nice stuff. We're in Tim Taylor's territory (Madonna's favourite tipple) in this neck of the woods. Pure genius, as someone else once said.

    Night Owl, your previous employer sounds like a charlatan. All decent landlords pump their dregs into a bucket and pour it down the drain. I love seeing them do this, because it gives me an excuse to use one of my favourite crap jokes: "Is that why they call in pail ale?"

  12. I did say they were Wh**bread pubs, didn't I!

    All the managers I worked with did it. They called it being cost effective!

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