You can't pontificate and eat shit

BBC: Pope 'meant no offence' to Islam

The Vatican has denied that Pope Benedict XVI intended any offence to the Muslim religion, after a speech touching on the concept of holy war…

The remarks have angered clerics and commentators around the Muslim world.

I can't help feeling that the Moslem world is over-reacting. If they would only study the entire text of His Holiness's speech [37kb PDF] before jumping to conclusions, they would see that it wasn't the Pope who insulted the Prophet Mohammed; he was merely quoting one of his illustrious, crusading Byzantine predecessors.

He's an old man, for St Peter's sake! He didn't mean to cause any offence. Cut him a bit of slack, why don't you? So he made a bit of a goof. We're all fallible.

Oh yes, that's right…

Richard Carter

A fat, bearded chap with a Charles Darwin fixation.


  1. The papacy beckons: when this one departs the college of cardinals will surely turn to Hebden Bridge. The first English pope since Nicholas Brakespear - perhaps they'll name a brewery after you too.

  2. Not only the first English pope since Nicholas Brakespear (I didn't know about him, but I have drunk the beer), I could also be the first athiest pope in history. Or maybe not - who knows, these days.

  3. If we had an atheist pope i'd consider converting to catholicism - no, hang on, that won't work, will it?

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