Cock v Papal Bull

Guardian: Vatican urged to act quickly on condoms

The World Health Organisation's head of HIV/Aids called on the Vatican yesterday to speed up a decision on the limited use of condoms in pandemic-hit countries.

I do hope the Vatican finally sees some sense. There's a first time for everything. It was the previous pope's irresponsible position on condoms that made me realise that John Paul II was an evil little turd whom they would probably make into a saint one day. (Not that I believe in good and evil, you understand.)

On a lighter note, have you noticed the name of the WHO's head of HIV/AIDS who is calling for the Vatican to change its stance condoms? He is none other than Kevin De Cock.

You couldn't make this stuff up. I'll bet he was teased mercilessly at school.

It lends a whole new meaning to the phrase Thank Kevin for little girls.

Richard Carter

A fat, bearded chap with a Charles Darwin fixation.


  1. Oh... it's that bloody Pete Townshend at it again, is it? (and cousin Kevin too,from the look of it!)

  2. He certainly was.

    My best friend (and nextdoor neighbour) when I was very young was called Kevin. It was my kid sister who mis-heard Charles Asnavour singing 'Thank Kevin for little girls'. It's been a favourite pun of mine ever since.

  3. Nite Owl's rite (sic) zimscribe - The Who had a track called Cousin Kevin in the rock opera Tommy,the sadistic character playedrather disturbingly by Paul Nicholas in the film.

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