Times: Creationism gains foothold in schools

The government has cleared the way for a form of creationism to be taught in Britain's schools as part of the religious syllabus.

Lord Adonis, an education minister, is to issue guidelines within two months for the teaching of "intelligent design" (ID), a theory being promoted by the religious right in America.

Until now the government has not approved the teaching of the controversial theory, which contradicts Darwinian evolutionary theory, the basis of modern biology.

Intelligent Design should not be dignified with the name theory; it is at best a hypothesis. A hypothesis that happens to be total bullshit. And it's not even good bullshit at that.

In an interview with New Scientist not two months ago, our god-bothering prime minister was asked about creationism in schools:

One subject that is of great concern to scientists is creationism. There has been a suggestion that creationism is being taught in some British schools. What are your views on this?
This can be hugely exaggerated. I've visited one of the schools in question and as far as I'm aware they are teaching the curriculum in a normal way. If I notice creationism becoming the mainstream of the education system in this country then that's the time to start worrying.

Sounds as if it's becoming mainstream to me, Tony. Time to get off your fat arse and do something.

Richard Carter

A fat, bearded chap with a Charles Darwin fixation.


  1. This almost beggars belief. Perhaps we should teach every crackpot 'theory' there is, so long as some idiot somewhere believes it we can say we are "developing an understanding of different beliefs".

  2. Tony Blair, "If I notice creationism becoming the mainstream" as quoted just shows how wishy-washy this government, and its leader, is becoming.IT'LL BE TOO LATE BY THEN....YOU IDIOTS!!!! You'll have a new generation of kids brainwashed with an obvious fallacy given credence by a dullard government. There may be questions still to be resolved with Darwin's Theory, but there'll be no questions allowed about 'ID'.Don't let it start, then you won't have to nip in the budDOH!

  3. That could lead us straight back to the middle ages:

    ie. if you can't be bothered to explain something, simply say 'God did it'' or even 'God works in mysterious ways'

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