British innovation in action inaction

Compare and contrast (my appropriately green emphasis added):

BBC: Nuclear Europe: Country guide - United Kingdom

Working nuclear reactors 23
Reactors decommissioned / out of use 21
Electricity from nuclear power 20%

The UK was the first country to use nuclear energy to generate power for large-scale civilian use, opening its first plant in 1956.

The last new reactor was opened in 1995, and Britain has been steadily decommissioning its old plants, with many set to close in the next few years.

BBC: Nuclear Europe: Country guide - France

Working nuclear reactors 59
Reactors decommissioned / out of use 11
Electricity from nuclear power 78%

France has been Europe's most enthusiastic devotee of nuclear power, constructing dozens of reactors since the 1970s oil crises spurred on its desire for energy independence.

It has become the world's biggest net exporter of electricity

The UK's energy policy, on the other hand, is to become totally dependent on greenhouse gas imports from a Russia-led cartel.

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  1. The boys are all salty, the girls are all sweet. The food ain't too shabby & they piss in the street'. In the words of Frank Zappa...'there is no hell, there is only France!

  2. Do you know, I have never been to France. Not even en passant.

    This from a man who has floated above the Great Barrier Reef, and strolled on the Great Wall of China. (Those distant foreigner typesdo love their 'Greats'.)

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