Respect where it's due

BBC: Politeness 'missing from society'

Britain needs to do more to promote good manners, Tony Blair's "respect czar" Louise Casey has said.

The government advisor said politeness was now missing "right across society" and schools, companies and the media all had a role to play…

Ms Casey said a rise in single-parent families and less church-going and neighbourliness were all possible factors in falling levels of politeness.

Louise Casey is spouting a load of old shit. She wants to keep her fat trap shut and go and get a proper job.

Sorry, must have forgotten to go to church this morning.

Richard Carter

A fat, bearded chap with a Charles Darwin fixation.


  1. That'll be Thatcher, the milk-snatcher... The day she resigned (oh joyous day!), one of the market stalls in Liverpool had a sign saying 'Thatcher the Milk-Snatcher' has resigned (hooray!)'... They might have forgiven her for the council tax, privatisation, etc, but they never forgave her for the milk.

  2. never forgive that bloody woman. on the one hand i'd be available to tap dance a valediction upon her death - but then dead fascist icons are dangerous things...

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