Fancy pudding

From a late-night online chat with Carolyn during the transition between yesterday and today (slightly abridged for brevity):

Carolyn: We had [friend's name] to tea tonight and so we had to have sausages.
Me: So when are you inviting ME to tea? I'm not a fussy eater! But I do love sausages!
Carolyn: I do a good ham and treacle tart!
Me: Have you ever eaten muffs?
Carolyn: What are they?
Me: You come from Bromborough! You MUST have eaten muffs! They're fantastic!
Carolyn: Oh yes, I thought it was a fancy pudding!

See also: Muff's Online (highly recommended)

Richard Carter

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  1. I am from Bromborough yet have never had so much as a sniff of a muff..? Have I missed out?

  2. I shall follow the link at the bottom of this item later, in the privacy of my own home.

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