My mate Clive

I know it must seem patently obvious, but, in case you were in any doubt, I'd better say this up-front: I really don't plan any of this crap beforehand, you know…

A week last Sunday, I urged you all to listen to what World-Cup-winning former England rugby coach, Sir Clive Woodward, had to say.

This afternoon I quite unexpectedly found myself doing just that—in the flesh, so to speak.

Don't believe me, huh?

Me and Sir Clive Woodward
Me and Sir Clive 'Call Me Clive' Woodward this afternoon. (I'm the one on the left.)

Admit it: you're mildly impressed.

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  1. My gawd!!! Sir Clive has put on some weight..........oh, hang on YOU'RE the one on the left. Sorry. Scrub up well, donchya. Was this just a photo opp, or really a chance to chat to the man?

  2. Just a photo op, Keith: he gave us an hour-long presentation, after which, some colleagues asked me to take their photo with him.Then I handed one of them my camera.

  3. My dad grew his beard to in an attempt to hide his many chins; You must have grown yours for an entirely different reason. It's the only logical explanation.

  4. I think Nite Owl may have put the wrong data in the wrong box above. Maybe you could save him the spam by giving it a quick edit Mr C.

  5. Yes, he did it on the previous comment when he mysteriously referred to himself as 'Peter' too (which I fixed). Oddly, that isn't his proper email address either, but I'll fix it anyway.

    NITE OWL, you need to clear the 'website url' field when you submit a comment, but I'm guessing, if you do, the cookie fills it back in again. The solution is to clear your browser's cookies (or put in a valid website).

  6. I showed my ladyour site. Methinks he has been playing behind my back!

    I have 2 email addresses (1 for work & 1 for home) Sometimes I type in the wrong one....sorry

  7. Nite, I have told my comments system about both of your email addresses so that your avatar should work either way.

    Sounds as if Nite Owl Jr is a Beefheart fan too.

  8. All four of my kids were subjected to my taste in music from a very early age: Yes, he loves Beefheart as well as Korn & lots of modern bands & can hear the influences present. Although, as a child, ifmy wife played herplayed Janis Joplin albums, he referred to it as 'that woman screaming'. Unfortunately, my other three don't follow my tastes. My oldest boy is a well knownclub (hard trance) DJ. My daughter listens to the Sugar Babes & my youngest boy loves Judy Garland & Marlene Deitrich. Funnily enough, my nine year old granddaughter plays the guitar & writes blues songs. As you can see, we're quite a varied bunch

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