Compare and contrast

IOC Olympics table
How the International Olympic Committee saw the final Olympic rankings.
IOC Olympics table
How the American broadcaster NBC saw the rankings

Still, at least they're agreed on one thing: Great Britain came a magnificent fourth.

That's above Australia.

Got that, Bruce?

(Hat-tip to John Lynch.)

Richard Carter

A fat, bearded chap with a Charles Darwin fixation.


  1. It depends on whether you prefer quantity to quality. One step forward all you Americans, please.

  2. I would have said that I preferred "Golds per head of population", since that clearly puts us ahead of US, China and Russia. The down-side of that one is that we fall behind Australia, which simply won't do.

    Oooh me statistics.

  3. I seem to remember a smallCaribbean island, many olympics ago. They sent one competitor (weightlifter?) from a population of about 1300 & he won a medal. That must be the highest success rate ever!

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