Rumour bungaing

The Telegraph is trying to drum up traffic on its website by publishing photos from Silvio Berlusconi's infamous bunga bunga parties. I'm not showing any of the photos here. Gruts is a family site.

Have you heard the rumour that the reason they're so desperate to cover up what really went on at these parties is that Pope John Paul II was a regular attendee? Apparently tarts and bishops of Rome was a popular theme.

Apparently, they're trying to cover it up because they don't want to blow his chances of a sainthood.


I'm pretty sure the rumour is not very reliable, as I just made it up. But feel free to pass it on.

Oh, all right then, just one photo…

The photo they didn't want you to see: John Paul II and an unidentified 'good-time girl'.

…And, yes, that is indeed Darth Vader in the background. Just behind Yoda. (Don't ask.)

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