1. ....and they were still crowing about their achievements in the (thankfully) final edition.

    Sanctimonious bastards!

    Hoots mon for now! (do you like it, it's my new catchphrase?)

    The spam code for this is FRRYY....Hi Stephen!

  2. Which reminds me, what's the difference between a poor marksman and a constipated Nite Owl?

    A: One shoots and shoots and never hits...

  3. I guess that's what that Camping guy was on about: The end of the (News of the) World!

    Six weeks in two thousand years (or even in 168) must be within experimental error for a clairvoyant.

  4. Sorry - to clarify - I was referring to the opening post, rather than to Nite Owl's digestion, which could clearly use a few more whole-grain mice or something but has no connection to the end of the world, so far as I'm aware.

    Like the catchphrase thou'.

  5. I have anmyowngame. I call it 'wind the wife up'. Whenever we cross the border into Wales, I ask her to read out the place names & then fall about laughing. My two favourites so far are.....

    Porth-ma-dogg, Poo-welly& the wonderful 'Doll-gallow'.

    Yacky-dar for now!!

  6. I know that's three. How many owls do you know that can count?

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