The gloves are off

Gruts's ongoing war against Murdoch's media empire continues unabated. There can be only one winner. The gloves are off. Keeping hitting them while they're down, that's my motto.

On Tuesday, I phoned Sky TV:

Man from Sky: Hello. How can I help?
Me: Hello, I'd like to cancel my Sky subscription please.
Man from Sky: Which modules?
Me: All of them.
Man from Sky: Can I ask why you think you want to cancel your subscription?
Me: I think Rupert Murdoch is bugging my phone.
Man from Sky: [Stifles laugh.]
Me: That one's not on your script, is it?
Man from Sky: Erm… No.

(Always try to get them off script, that's the trick.)

Murdoch must be shitting his pants. Now, all we need to do is get every other Sky subscriber to follow my magnificent example.

Pass it on!

Richard Carter

A fat, bearded chap with a Charles Darwin fixation.

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