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Jen and I have been making a lot of soup recently. Well, when I say Jen and I, what I really mean is Jen has been making a lot of soup recently, and I've been helping her. Well, when I say I've been helping her, what I really mean is Jen has been making a lot of soup recently. Pulsating pulse soup, stilton and broccoli soup, Thai chicken and mushroom broth, roasted red pepper and tomato soup, spinach and nutmeg soup.

Which got me thinking. How come you don't get bacon soup? Yes, I know you do get bacon soup—I have a large book of soup recipes, and bacon soup is definitely in there—but you just don't, do you?

Wouldn't bacon soup be totally awesome? The clue's in the name: bacon… soup! What's not to like?

And, while we're at it, how about cat soup? And Pope bouillabaisse?

What about you lot? Are there any particular soups you like to try?

Richard Carter

A fat, bearded chap with a Charles Darwin fixation.


  1. For something different, why not try Coffee Soup? Simply heat approx. 1 cupful of milk together with 1tsp sugar into a frothy liquor, then add 1tsp of instant coffee (available from most supermarkets), stirring in until the crunchy brown granules are fully dissolved. For a whole-food alternative, replace granules with coffee beans, grinding them into a powder which should be mixed with hot water and, very importantly, sieved to avoid grittiness. Coffee Soup makes for a particularly comforting supper on a chilly evening.

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