27 not out

I made my 27th consecutive Christmas Eve ascent of Moel Famau earlier today, accompanied by four dogs, Irish Mick, and almost an entire soccer team provided by Carolyn (some of whom I had never met before). This wasn't so much a walk as an expedition.

Group shot on top of Moel Famau

A large number of people and dogs on top of Moel Famau earlier today.

As usual, it was very windy on top. So windy, in fact, that one of our team got blown away:


A teenager getting blown away this afternoon.

One particularly large gust even caught Carolyn off guard:

Carolyn cartwheeling

Carolyn caught off guard this afternoon.

As I've said before, you will stop me if this becomes boring, won't you?

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26 not out

I made my 26th consecutive Christmas Eve ascent of Moel Famau earlier today, accompanied by Carolyn and two of her sprogs.

Carolyn (R) and me (L) on top of Moel Famau earlier today.

I very nearly didn't go. I've been nursing a severely knackered left knee for most of the week (freak decorating injury, don't ask). But I hobbled up in the end. It was blowing a hooley. Carolyn, being Carolyn, forgot to bring a coat and gloves, so I loaned her my spares.

You will stop me if this becomes boring, won't you?

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On the phone

Carolyn's youngest: Mum says she's covered in honey, can she call you back?

There's a major scoop there, mark my words.

Spotted at Carolyn's last Tuesday


(I know what you're thinking, but, no, it isn't an iced bun.)

It's my neighbour's fault!

I think you all owe Carolyn an apology.

Remember how you scoffed when she had me dowsing for fault lines in a field behind her house a couple of years back? Remember how you guffawed when I pointed out that this is what a fault actually looks like:

The Howgill Fells

The Howgill Fells two years ago.

Remember how you clutched your trousers in mirth when I quipped:

If you do happen to notice one of these in your garden, please let me know.

Well, I just discovered an online British Geological Survey map of the Hebden Bridge area, and there appears to be what can only be described as an invisible fault line running right underneath my next-door neighbour's house.


So, you all stand corrected. Carolyn was right, and you were wrong.

(Apart from all that nonsense about dowsing, obviously.)

25 not out

It's that time of year again. So did I make it up Moel Famau for the 25th consecutive Christmas Eve?

I certainly did:

Expedition team.

The Silver Jubilee Expedition team.

An excellent turn out! Irish Mick and Carolyn had a lot of catching-up to do. The last time they saw each other, she wasn't even a mum!

Twenty-five years! It's official: I'm in a rut.

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24 not out

Is it really 24th December already? Greetings LIVE from an extremely windy Moel Famau (yes, we now have the technology).


Carolyn and her family are here too.

24 years on the trot. I should probably try to get a life.

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