It always amuses me to see Pam Ayres filed (correctly, alphabetically) next to W.H. Auden in the poetry sections of bookshops.


It was nice to see one of the local rags entering into the spirit of National Poetry Day last week.

Rhyme time

Twenty bonus points for the best rhyming definition in the comments.

Derek Bell

Guardian obituary: Derek Bell Derek Bell, who has died aged 66 following minor surgery, was the harpist—and the only Ulsterman—with the Irish music group, the Chieftains. He was equally renowned as a classical performer. A poetic tribute: Derek Bell won't go to hell: He played the harp far too well.

John Thaw

John Thaw's No more, s(o) dot-dash-dot, dot-dot, dot-dash-dash-dot, Inspector Morse.