‘Oh yeah!’

Happy Yorkshire Day, everyone!

By a spooky (well, 1-in-365) coincidence, today is also officially the 23rd anniversary of my friendship with Stense. To celebrate, I've just looked up what song was number one in the charts 23 years ago today—our song, so to speak. Turns out it's something of a classic:

Happy anniversary, mate!

(You'll be humming that shite all day, mark my words.)

Carter postales™

Continuing yesterday's theme of saving money when sending personal correspondence, how's this for a fantastic idea?

Save money on ridiculously expensive post cards by making your own out of any unused pieces of card you might happen to have lying about the house:

Home-made postcards
Home-made postcard
Home-made postcard

I'm delighted to report that I saved so much money on post cards over the last couple of months that, last week, I decided to invest in a small office guillotine to streamline the card-creation process. Needless to say, I didn't let the cardboard box the guillotine came in go to waste:

Home-made postcard

I've decided to start referring to such home-made post cards as Carter postales™. Immortality at last!

Some people are never bloody satisfied

It has been suggested to me that my scoop about Stense sitting on a hill with her dog last Thursday was somewhat unsatisfactory, in that it was totally un-newsworthy. I would beg to differ. Hello? It was about Bafta-award-winning Stense, directrix of prime-time TV shows, and a total fox. It even involved a dog. Animal interest, and all that! How much more newsworthy could it possibly be?

But if it's genuine, no-holds-barred, rock ‘n’ roll gossip you fickle punters are after, try this for size…

Steve ‘Copperhead Road’ Earle has a new drummer:

Bill & Steve

Bill (L) and Steve (R) on Friday.

Apparently, Bill's going to get Steve to cut back on the mandolins. A bit less Fairport, a bit more E Street.

Once again, remember, you read it first on Gruts.

The Reckoning

For a birthday present, Stense recently bought me a year's membership to the Random Book Club. The idea is, each month, this bookshop in Scotland sends you a random book to read.

Stense had a word with them as she was buying my year's subscription, explaining that I'm a total Darwin groupie. So you can imagine my delight when my first so-called ‘random’ book was a novel about the Voyage of the Beagle. I'm saving that one for my holidays.

The Reckoning

‘The Reckoning’ by Alma Katsu this morning.

My second random book arrived this morning: The Reckoning by Alma Katsu.

To be honest, I'm not entirely convinced the bookshop put quite as much thought into this selection. For a start, The Reckoning is the second book of a trilogy. What are the odds that someone who is given this book at random will have already read part 1? Not very likely, if you ask me. And, even if they had, and even if they enjoyed it, part 3 hasn't actually been published yet, as far as I can tell. Talk about cliff-hangers!

Still, the book was described as ‘Dark and super sexy’ by no less an authority than Cosmopolitan, and it seems to involve an immoral woman with a sword, which can't be a bad thing. Oh, scrap that, my mistake—apparently, she's immortal.

Here's a sentence plucked at random from my random book (from p.190):

I turned, smiling despite my anxiety about seeing him again. “Alejandro!”

Gripping stuff! And here's another (from p.221):

“She had decided in advance how she would put me in her service, and…”

…oh, no, I can't print that on Gruts. This is supposed to be a family website!

Stense, I am frankly shocked! (But I'll let you know if there are any other good bits!)