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I know what's been keeping you awake at night: did Stense try the chilli, crab and lemon spaghetti recipe I sent her last week, and what did she think of it? I know, I've been losing sleep over it too. This afternoon, I was relieved to receive the following endorsement via text message:

Did I tell you that the crab recipe was absolutely delicious? Thank you!

To which I replied:

No, you didn't, but I already knew that, thanks!

Seriously, though, you should give some of the recipes a go some time. You'd be doing yourself a big favour. They have all been tried and tested by Yours Truly, they are all (therefore) pretty damn easy, and they are all extremely tasty. This evening, Jen and I had the spaghetti carbonara, and there were only two words to describe it: fan tastic!

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  1. My wife made me a crab paste sandwich for tea last sunday. It didn't taste right, so Isuggested she should returnthe potto Sainsbury's & get her money back.

    "It didn't come from there " she said. "Oh!" I replied, "where did you buy it then?"

    "The pharmacist!" she answered.

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