The Guardian answers the questions we dare not ask...

Guardian: How to make the perfect mango lassi

Slater, get real, man!

Jen and I watch a lot of cookery programmes on telly (although, being from Yorkshire, Jen tends to refer to them as cooking programmes). Last night, we watched a recording of one of Nigel Slater's Christmas specials, in which he improvised a meal called bauble and squeak (do you see what he did there?) from leftover goose, ham, pumpkin and roast potatoes.

Jen and I watched in open-mouthed incomprehension.

Who in God's holy name has ‘left-over roast potatoes’? And eight left-over roast potatoes at that!

Get stuffed!

My sister has asked for a copy of Jen's fantastic apricot stuffing recipe. I use the word fantastic advisedly. It's a brazillion times better than boring, old sage stuffing. You might like to try it out at Christmas. You can thank me in the New Year.

Please don't tell any of our friends, but…

Jen and I cooked a vegetarian meal last night, and it was bloody brilliant: Mediterranean and Basil Pasta.

We then discussed which meat or fish we would add to make it into food. My money's on sardines, but it's just a hunch.


Regular Gruts commenter Keith sent me this photo, which he took recently at the Sizzler restaurant on International Drive near Orlando, Florida:


Well spotted, Keith. My secret is out. There are many irons to my bow, and many strings in my fire. I have, indeed, opened a chain of restaurants in the United States

I particularly recommend the peppered steak.

The legendary smoked fish tart recipe

Several years ago, Jen found a smoked fish tart recipe in a magazine and gave it a go. It was utterly fantastic.

Ever since, we've been trying to find recipe again. Jen has a very large number of recipe magazines, and she's been through each one of them several times, searching for the bloody recipe. So illusive elusive was it, that the recipe became something of a legend at our place: "Remember that fish tart?" we would reminisce. "Wasn't it fantastic! I wonder what we did with the sodding recipe."

Anyway, the other week, Jen decided to have another look for it, and, after several hours' searching, she finally found it. W00t! So, to avoid losing it once again, I've published it here.

Give it a go: it's bloody fantastic.


Jen made us sesame prawn toasts yesterday. It's one of our favourite meals. It's supposed to be a starter dish, but we tend to make a lot of them and eat them as a main course. They're far nicer than any you will eat in your local Chinese restaurant. Seriously, try them!

Oh, and I made lemonade. Fantastic!