Swing low

I heard it on the radio first: John Terry has been stripped of the England captaincy by Capello!

Yes, that's right: someone I had never heard of had been removed as 'England captain' by someone else I had never heard of for bending one into the ex-girlfriend of a team-mate.

For those of you as baffled as I was, John Terry, it turns out, is—or, rather, was—the England Men's Soccer team captain. In other words, an overpaid, coiffured softie who can kick a ball. Apparently, captain is official BBC short-hand for men's soccer captain.

Meanwhile, in real sports news, the 2010 Six Nations Championship opens today.

(That would be men's rugby union, for the totally clueless.)

Postscript: Noooooooo!!! BBC: Prince Harry to become RFU vice-patron. If the nasty little ginger shit wants vice, he should follow the footie!

Richard Carter

A fat, bearded chap with a Charles Darwin fixation.


  1. On the subject of Prince Harry, Jeremy Hardy brilliantly described his father on the News Quiz as "the idiot spawn of incestuous German robber barons": like father, like son...

  2. I think Jeremy Hardy missed the point completely. Hence the old joke..... 'have you noticed how princes William & Harry both look like their fathers?'

    If John Terry had been 'active' in the late eighties, he may well have swung in the direction of Harry's mom too!

  3. Mr Owl (adopting the Paxo approach to Dizzee Rascal):

    It's a good point well made. If only we could be certain whose idiot spawn Harry actually is...

  4. I just picked up an autographed copy of the John (Drumbo) French book 'Beefheart; Through the eyes of magic'.Over 860pages of fascinating insights into living & working with the man. Plus there are lots of rare photos. You won't be able to put it down (the cover has glue on it!)

    You need this...it'll open your pores!

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