Compare and contrast

Prince Harry

Prince Harry yesterday.

BBC (02-Dec-2015): Prince Harry speaks out against wildlife slaughter
Prince Harry speaks of his frustration at the slaughter of elephants and rhinos, as photographs documenting his conservation work in Africa are released.

Guardian (31-Oct-2007): Prince Harry quizzed by police about shooting of rare birds
Prince Harry and a close friend have been interviewed by police after two rare and legally protected birds of prey were killed on the royal family's Sandringham estate in Norfolk last week… Sources have told the Guardian that the prince and his friend were the only people known to be out shooting on the estate last Wednesday evening, and were quickly identified to Norfolk police by the Prince of Wales's staff. It is understood both men were interviewed in person, but have denied any involvement in the incident.


Or, as the Observer puts it:

George Osborne was dragged deeper into the furore over the Murdoch empire's links to government as it emerged that he entertained Rebekah Brooks for a weekend at his country residence as Rupert Murdoch was planning to take over BSkyB. […]

News of the weekend gathering will also increase pressure for Osborne to appear in person at the Leveson inquiry […] So far Osborne has been asked only to give written evidence, although his aides said he would now be happy to appear if asked.

What do you expect Osborne's aides to say: “He's shitting bricks”?

Anyway, I digress. Compare and contrast:


Rebekah Brooks


Sideshow Bob from out of The Simpsons

… which I guess makes Murdoch Krusty the Clown.

Swing low

I heard it on the radio first: John Terry has been stripped of the England captaincy by Capello!

Yes, that's right: someone I had never heard of had been removed as 'England captain' by someone else I had never heard of for bending one into the ex-girlfriend of a team-mate.

For those of you as baffled as I was, John Terry, it turns out, is—or, rather, was—the England Men's Soccer team captain. In other words, an overpaid, coiffured softie who can kick a ball. Apparently, captain is official BBC short-hand for men's soccer captain.

Meanwhile, in real sports news, the 2010 Six Nations Championship opens today.

(That would be men's rugby union, for the totally clueless.)

Postscript: Noooooooo!!! BBC: Prince Harry to become RFU vice-patron. If the nasty little ginger shit wants vice, he should follow the footie!

A face for radio

I was minding my own business, taking a lunchtime stroll around the Albert Dock in Liverpool on Friday, when a car screeched to a halt beside me and a young woman leapt out:

"Are you the Real Radio Renegade?" she gasped, excitedly.
"I beg your pardon."
"Are you the Real Radio Renegade?"
"Do you know, I think that might just be the oddest question anyone has ever asked me."
"But are you the Real Radio Renegade?"
"Erm… No."

The young woman leapt back into her car and tore off.

Five minutes later, as I was passing the Liverpool Tate Gallery, another young woman hurried up to me:

"Are you the Real Radio Renegade?" she asked.
"Do you know, you're not the first person to ask me that," I said.

It's an easy enough mistake to make, I suppose. After all, I do look rather renegade-ish.

Just as I was leaving the Albert Dock a few minutes later, yet another young woman approached me. This one seemed a bit more shy.

"Before you ask," I said, "no, I'm not."

It turns out this chap on the left is the one they were after:


The real Real Radio Renegade (L).

Ginger! How very dare you!