Trump inauguration

…two words that should never appear in the same sentence.

As usual, the Fall say all that needs to be said:

Making America grate again

Those crazy Yanks think they can out-stupid us…

Watch and learn, America.

God bless America!

In the latest episode of the excellent Skeptics with a K podcast, our hosts make reference once again to a certain comic-book image of Captain America (no, me neither).

Being a sceptic with a C, I decided to check up on the story. I am pleased to report that it appears to be true:

W A N K !

1776 And All That

To be honest, I've always had my doubts about American independence. It seemed to me that our former colonials would be far better off if we were still in charge. And, if not better off, at least a bit more civilised.

This evening, 143 years after it abolished slavery, America celebrates the election of its first black president. Meanwhile, back in Blighty, we are burning effigies of catholics a mere 403 years after the Gunpowder Plot.

I stand corrected. I think the Americans have proved they can get by just fine without our help.