Celebrate our heritage!

Prince Harry

The blushing groom this morning.

So, the nasty little ginger shit is to make an honest woman of Angela Merkel later today. In yer face, Brexiters! Celebrate our heritage! Keep our royal family German!

I remember the day the nasty little ginger shit’s mum married Prince Charles (note my careful wording, there). My dad and I were so excited, we climbed Snowdon simply to get away from the telly.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to the horse races.

It was Gruts what done it!

BBC: Media tactics unravel in run-up to big day

How has Kensington Palace, […] which has rolled out the royal wedding plans and strategy over the past few months, dropped the ball so spectacularly in the last four days?… Over the last couple of months announcements have come and gone, by and large slavishly followed by broadcasters, newspapers and websites

…A courageous minority of them more than a tad ironically, I’m sure you’ll agree.