Oh the irony!

During an instant messaging session with Carolyn last night, I drew her attention to a brilliant photograph I had spotted on the Flickr photosharing website, which I thought she would like. She did.

In return, Carolyn drew my attention to the following comment made about said photograph:

Commenter{wyethhouse} (pro) says:
it's really great! full of life and expression

As Carolyn pointed out, the commenter's own photograph is anything but!

Glazer's on stun

BBC: Glazer closing in on Man United
Sports tycoon Malcolm Glazer is within a whisker of taking full control of Manchester United with his £790m ($1.5bn) takeover bid.

Someone sees Manchester United, covets it, and buys the entire club. Oh, the irony!

I can't believe it. I'm actually feeling sorry for the fans! Time to change allegiance, chaps. After all, it's not as if many of you have any sort of affinity with Manchester.