Payne and illness

BBC: Hundreds of disappointed fans are "left weeping" after One Direction cancel a Belfast concert minutes before they are due on stage, when Liam Payne falls ill.

Let's face it, these fans were already pretty sad to start with.


Guardian: Katy Perry joins Taylor Swift v Nicki Minaj row – and brings Rihanna with her
Wading into the Twitter spat between Swift and Minaj over Video Music award nominations, Perry all but confirms that Swift’s hit single Bad Blood is about her.

No, me neither.

Come on, give it a go!

I know what you're wondering: what if the Fall were playing Glastonbury, and Mark E Smith suddenly took it into his head that he'd like to perform an unplanned rendition of Captain Beefheart & the Magic Band's Dropout Boogie?

The result, I should imagine, would go something like this.

My work here is complete.

His armpit hairs are sprouting

Can't really say fairer than that...

Guardian: Fall lyrics 'hard to hear', admits judge in copyright case

Hitting the big time

Long-term, long-memoried Gruts readers might recall that, four years ago, I devised a list of new music genres to challenge the likes of hip-op and dub-step. If they have been paying particularly close attention, the same readers might even recall that, since then, under my DJ name of the Grutsmeister, I have occasionally released new ambient pap tracks for their enjoyment and entertainment. These tracks are available on SoundCloud.

Last week, SoundCloud asked me to complete an online questionnaire about the music I'm publishing on their service. Here is a screen shot of one of the questions:

SoundCloud survey

It looks as if ambient pap is about to go mainstream.

A genius at work