Liverpool One (rest of the world, nil)

Liverpool One phase 1 opens

Liverpool yesterday.
(The red carpet was red, of course.)

The Liverpool city centre moved a significant distance further west yesterday. No, not an earthquake: phase one of the new multi-million pound Liverpool One shopping and business centre opened in the middle of the biggest building site in Europe.

I went to have a look. Even though only 20% of the complex is open so far, it's seriously impressive. It's scheduled for completion in September. Can't wait to see the result.

Eight-hundred years ago today

King John, 28-Aug-1207: Johannes, dei gratia, Rex Anglie, Dominus Hibernie, Dux Normannie, Aquitanie, Comes Andegauie, Omnibus fidelibus suis qui Burgagia apud Villam de Liuerpul habere uoluerint Salutem. Sciatis quod concessimus omnibus fidelibus nostris qui Burgagia apud Liverpul ceperint quod habeant omnes libertates et liberas consuetudines in Villa de Liuerpul quas aliquis Liber Burgus super mare habet in terra nostra. Et ideo uobis mandamus quod secure et in pace nostra illuc ueniatis ad Burgagia nostra recipienda et hospitanda. Et in huius rei testimonium has litteras nostras patentes uobis transmittimus. Teste Simone de Pateshill apud Wintoniam xxviii die Augusti anno regni nostri ix.

or, to put it another way:

King John, 28-Aug-1207: John, by the grace of God, King of England, Lord of Ireland, Duke of Normandy and Aquitaine, Count of Anjou, to all his faithful people who have desired to have Burgages in the township of Liverpool, greeting. Know ye that we have granted to all our faithful people who have taken Burgages in Liverpool that they may have all the liberties and free customs in the township of Liverpool which any Free Borough on the sea has in our land. And therefore we command you that securely and in our peace you come there to receive and inhabit our Burgages. And in witness hereof we transmit to you these our Letters Patent. Witness Simon de Pateshill at Winchester on the twenty-eighth day of August in the ninth year of our reign.

or, to put it another way:




Liverpool Just Before Dawn

800 not out.

Ignore the stupid, ill-informed stereotypes. Liverpool is a bloody brilliant city. And tonight they're gonna party like it's 1207.

Go and get a proper job!

Will you just look at yourself

A woman pretending to be a statue yesterday.

There's this woman in Church Street, Liverpool who wraps herself in sheets, paints her face white, and stands on a box with a bucket in front of her, pretending to be a statue. You can see similar sights in cities throughout Europe.

What the hell do they think they're playing at? Do they seriously expect me to pay them for standing on a box all day doing nothing? Where's the skill in that?

People who chalk copies of old masterpieces on pavements I get. I don't actually pay them, you understand, but they do at least exhibit a modicum of talent and give passers-by a bit of an art lesson. Jugglers: fine, that's definitely skillful and entertaining. Buskers: well, I'm in total awe of anyone who can play a musical instrument, so good luck to them. But in what way does standing on a box with a bucket in front of you contribute anything to the human experience? Go and get a proper job!

There used to be scruffy, little chap in Liverpool who stood all day holding out a paper cup and wiggling a shrivelled ice popsicle wrapper backwards and forwards very quickly between his fingers. That was his entire act. He didn't make much money, but at least he had the common decency to move.

Actually, I suspect he wasn't quite right in the head.

When you walk through a storm…

Mersey Storm

The River Mersey earlier today.

Holy crap, was it windy today, or what?

At lunchtime, I rather stupidly took a stroll down to the Pier Head in Liverpool to take some snaps. I now know what the River Mersey tastes like. It tastes like Golden Wonder ready salted crisps.

I'll admit it, I'm a rather heavy chap, but I was nearly blown arse over tit at one point, as lamp-post fittings crashed to the pavement on all sides.

It was fun, in a daring-man-of-action kind of way.

In fact, I'd go so far as to say, it was so windy, that the wind powerstations of the nation must have generated at least 3 Watts of power before they were taken offline for safety reasons.